Practice Party

Children’s Ballroom Class
Fox Trot, Swing, Waltz, Hustle, Tango & more

Age:  9 - 12 years old

Enrollment:  First come first serve basis, up to 30 couples.

Dress code:  
boys:  white shirt, black pant, black jazz shoes
girls:  dress, black jazz shoes or ballet slippers. (students provide own shoes)

Time: TBA
Place: Monterey dance & Event Center at 71 Soledad Drive, Monterey, CA 93940
           Tel: 831-293-3000

Registration: couples only (boy & girl). (Parents, please find your kid a partner, then register them both together)

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Our Teaching Method

Kid's Ballroom

Private lessons are great and give you the personal attention necessary to achieve whatever level of perfection you desire with the least amount of time and effort.

During your one-on-one private lessons, you will receive personalized instructions which are tailored to your own speed of learning, to the dances you want to learn and most importantly, the lesson is designed to strengthen your weak points and polish up your strong points in dancing effectively. Private lessons are the fastest way to make you become proficient dancers quickly with Ease and Style.


Private Lessons

How Students are Taught

Our instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in our exclusive teaching method. This assures you the finest instruction in dancing. You will have a regular dance teacher who will be responsible for your progress. Periodically, you will have exchange lessons with other teachers which will give you experience and practice in adapting to a variety of dance partners and dance styles.

It has been determined, over years of study that not one type of instruction is as good as a combination of the private lesson, group lesson, and practice party. At Monterey Dance, we combine these three types of lessons to teach students how to become a proficient and confident dancer with the least amount of time and effort. Our systematic way of teaching has proven to students that learning to dance is fun; it's easy and everyone can learn.

A showcase is a one-day event where students present dance routines with personalized choreography. These routines make an exciting addition to your Medalist Program because they allow you to develop showmanship along with social dance skills.

Dance Program

Introductory Program: This program is designed as an introduction to the popular social dances. This allows your teacher an opportunity to take care of your immediate dancing needs and to evaluate your future ones.

General Variety Program: This program is designed to develop a few basics of the most popular dances. Emphasis is placed on the three most important elements of dancing, namely; foot positions, timing and leading/following.

Associate Bronze: 
This program is designed to develop movements around the floor, with much more variety, technique, footwork, and your first introduction to styling. This is a popular program for the person that wants to get on the floor with some variations.

Full Bronze: Bronze is the full social standard. It is designed to develop timing and technique in all Social Dances. The styling will make you look and feel comfortable while on the floor. It will strengthen your lead and/or follow to the point that no matter who your partner is, what kind of music is playing, or what type of dance floor you're on, you will look poised and comfortable in all popular social dances. It will give you all the confidence you will ever need on the floor. Dancing at this level can be yours to keep, you will never forget the elements of each dance. It is the fun point in dancing when you don't have to think about anything but enjoying your partner and having fun yourself.

Silver: Silver is a dance standard with a high degree of styling. Flashy movements make this standard stand out on the dance floor. Continuity of movement enables a couple to glide around the dance floor with the ability to change directions with ease. A higher level of technique is very important to develop this type of dance.

Gold: Gold Standard is for the Stars! Its intricate patterns are highly stylized. Styling, Technique, and Showmanship are necessities in this standard. The smoothness and control make this a beautiful standard to sit and watch. You had better be prepared to work if this is your standard, but you will truly be regarded as an outstanding dancer able to excel in any dance there is.

International Style of Dancing: This style of dancing is taught and danced worldwide. The beauty of the movements & exquisite styles makes this form of dance very desirable. In order to be a proficient dancer in this style, one must acquire precision in his movements & impeccable techniques in his/her dancing.

Michell Stone - Owner

Michell graduated in Economics from UC Santa Cruz. She is a certified teacher with dual fellowship degrees from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in England (ISTD) in both Latin and Ballroom branches (highly commended). She is also an Examiner for ISTD in the United States, a Certified Scrutineer and a world-class competition judge with National Dance Council of America

Ed Stone – Founder of Monterey Dance & Event Center

Ed began teaching for Arthur Murray Dаncе Studio, Inc., in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia. He became a Certified Judge in 1961 and later became Arthur Murray's Regional Dаnсе Chairman. Between 1976 and 1983, Ed was a member of Arthur Murray's International Dance Board. Ed holds a dual doctorate in International and American style. He dаnсеd Pro-Am until 1976. Mr. Stone passed away in 2011 after a career in dance spanning over 50 years.

Showcase & Dance Program

Group Lessons

Monterey Dance Studio was founded by Edward & Michell Stone in 1985 at BoyScout Hall at 8th and Mission Street in Carmel, California. The business has grown steadily, and since 1994 they have been located at 71 Soledad Drive in Monterey. They have taught thousands of students from all walks of life. Learning to dance is fun, it's easy and everyone can learn. If someone can walk, they can learn to dance and learning to dance gives one transformative power over life. Put some fun in your life & the life of your loved ones, LEARN TO DANCE!

Parties provide the most essential factor in the development of any new skill: Practice.

Leading or following with confidence, comfort, and ease can only come through dancing with a variety of partners at various levels of accomplishment. Practice with a partner, to music, is the essential part of your training.

We hold weekly practice party (practice sessions) for all our students. The practice party is held every Friday night where you will have lots of fun dancing with the instructors and students in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This gives you the opportunity to practice and try out all the new dance skills that you've learned in your Private and Group Lessons.

About Us

Group lessons offer you a good way to build your understanding of leading and following. Because there are no two leaders who lead the same way, nor two followers who respond the same. Only by practicing with different partners, can you develop the sense of "right" touch, with which you can connect better with your partner, therefore, dance better!

Take advantage of group lessons to help you to become a proficient and confident dancer quicker.